Wildflower Wander

Yellow Rattle, Knapweed, Cranesbill, Stitchwort, Eyebright, Meadow sweet, Yarrow; these names live somewhere in the backs of our minds. The forgotten wild flowers of summers long ago. But around the tiny village of Barr these flowers live not just in our memories, but along the veges and hedges,  in the fields and on the river banks. Light use of herbicides and fertilizers and a gentle grazing regime mean that wildflowers which are gone from many other places hang on in our high valley.

From bluebells and anemones in the spring woods, to the nodding half domes of scabious as the autumn comes in, there is a range of beautiful flowers to be seen throughout the season.

Join Matt for an hour and half wildflower wander, visiting river banks, verges, woods and fields. Barr is the perfect places to learn the names of the flowers you glimpse from the car window or see on country walks. In just ninety minutes you will see and learn to identify more than twenty species of wildflower.

Suits – All sorts.

Takes place – April to September.

We provide – Expertise

You provide – A decent jacket and walking shoes/boots

Needs – Reasonable weather.

Duration –  90 minutes.

Costs – £30 for a group of up to 7 people.

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