Wild Forest Ospreys

The Osprey is one of the rarest and most beautiful birds in Scotland. Saved from the brink of extinction by an army of volunteers this stunning creature has managed to gain a toe hold in a few wild places.

Ospreys are unique among birds of prey in that they only eat fish and watching an Osprey snatch its prey from a deep loch is a memorable site.  We are fortunate in having not one but two pairs of Ospreys within easy reach of our base. The first pair are well known and widely publicised, the second pair are not.  Their whereabouts is a closely guarded secret known only to the forest rangers and a few locals.

We can take you to see these secret birds at a loch deep in the Galloway forest without the crowds and rigmarole that normally go along with an Osprey viewing site. Just you and the Ospreys on a remote forest loch.

Please note – Ospreys are heavily legally protected and easily disturbed,  we have to maintain a good distance from the nest. Good views will be possible by using our spotting scope and binoculars.

Suits -All sorts

Takes place – April to September.

Time of day – Any

We provide – Expertise, food and optics.

You provide – Drinks, good footwear for wet uneven ground is essential.

Needs – Reasonable weather.

Duration –  4 Hours

Costs -£70 for up to 7 people


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