Wild for Astronomers

If you are a proper Astronomer (even an amateur one) with a big telescope and a wee book where you write things down then we are not going to be able to tell you much you don’t know about the night sky. But what if we could take you to places unknown to most visiting astronomers where there is real inky blackness at night, broad horizons and no-one else at all.

Nor far from the honeypot areas are sweeps of wilderness which most Astronomers never see and which offer much better viewing opportunities. With our exceptional local knowledge, off road vehicle and exclusive access agreements we can take you safely to places the crowds never see, feed you, keep you warm and topped up with tea and coffee and bring you home when you are done.

Working with Astronomers is new to us and is an area of our business we are keen to develop so we will be keeping prices for our support to an absolute minimum.

Perfect darkness, big horizons, homemade hot food and drinks, exclusive remote viewing spots. If you fancy giving it a try get in touch by filling in the form below.