Eagle Quest

In the deep depths of the Galloway hills there are the most spectacular of all Scotland’s wild creatures; Golden Eagles.

Their numbers are small and their habitat is as wild and inaccessible as any in Britain. But the fit, lucky and determined may catch a glimpse or maybe even more than a glimpse of these spectacular birds.

A 4×4 can only get us so closer before we have to strike out on foot into the depths of the hills. Entering the world of the Eagles requires fitness and a desire for adventure. Anyone joining an Eagle quest should expect to spend a long hard day in the hills. But the rewards will be worth the effort. Serene lochs, beautiful valleys and awesome crags set the scene for a rich variety of wildlife. We can’t guarantee you will see an eagle (we wish we could), but we can guarantee an experience you will never forget.

An eagle quest is an exclusive guided experience for you and your group which takes place in the Galloway Hills at a time which suits you.

Suits – Fit and adventurous people.

Doesn’t suit –  Couch potatoes, little kids.

Takes place – April to September.

We provide – Expertise, food and optics.

You provide – Drinks, binoculars if you have them, walking gear – good boots are essential.

Needs – Good weather.

Duration –  5-6 hours.

Costs – £120 for a group of up to 7 people.


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